(Terminal Automation System)

VegaSys is a state-of-the-art solution used for facilitating, monitoring and controlling the distribution of products in a bulk terminal. The application monitors and controls the tank truck loading process to ensure smooth and safe terminal operation. Different modules for different application.

VegaSys Screen Shots

(Site Monitoring, System Database, Order Entry, System Reporting, Event Logging)

The following modules are readily available:

  • Tanker loading and unloading.

  • Support of simultaneous loading of multiple products for multiple customer delivery addresses.

  • Handling of abnormal condition operation such as: topping-up and product return.

  • Customisable reporting of TAS reports buy customer.

  • Tank Gauging.

  • Tank Farm Automation.

  • Rack or Tank blending functions of multiple product recipes.

  • Full additive and marker dye injection functions.

  • Direct modbus interface with other field equipment such as MCC through PLC interface.

  • Stock Control and stock accounting in natural and standard litres.

  • Automatic backup for all of TAS data operation and TAS management system. This feature must be run in normal operation or in emergency shutdown. After recovery from abnormal operation, TAS operation can continue from last operation before shutdown.

  • Redundant hardware for power supply, hard drive and network card which is configured hot-standby redundant.

  • Optically isolated surge suppressors to be supplied for all communication highways from field to control room for data/ network.

  • Interface to third party ERP systems.