Multi-Oil Blue

Multi-Oil Blue Hoses are designed for conveying hydrocarbons, solvents, 100% aromatics, etc. Multi-Oil Blue hoses are highly flexible and reliable in all kind of transfer operations.

Multi-Chem Black

Multi-Chem Black hoses are designed for those chemicals which do not affect the polypropylene lining and the polypropylene coated steel inner wire.

Multi-Chem Red

Multi-Chem Red hoses are designed for those chemicals and acids which do not affect the lining and the stainless steel inner wire.

Multi-LPG White

Multi-LPG White is especially designed for use with fully refrigerated conveyants down to -50°C on ship, barges and in marine terminals. This application is including the following mediums: Ammonia, Acetaldehyde, Butadiene, Butane, Propane, Butylene, Dimethylamide, Ethylamine, Ethyl Chloride, Methyl Acethylene, Methyl Bromide Propane, Propadiene, Propylene, Vinyl Chloride, Refrigerant Gases.

Hose Handling Slings

In the case of Gutteling ‘Heavy Duty’ loading and unloading hoses (ship to shore applications), the use of at least one wide support sling is recommended for hoses with a maximum length of 6 mtr and an inner diameter between 100 m/m and 300 m/m. For longer hoses, at least two wide support slings per hose must be used and in the case of diameters above 200 m/m the use of a so-called ‘saddle’ is required. All hose handling slings can be delivered with CE-certificate

Wide Support Hosebuns

Gutteling hosebuns are composed of a red polymer and are used with latextreated yellow web slings uniquely engineered for each specific model of hosebun. Sling rated capacities are established using a 5:1 safety factor. All slings are used in a choker hitch position to eliminate hose slippage. All hosebuns can be delivered with CE-certificate