Teknikum FUEL-TEKĀ® D Mari

Delivery hose for transport of gasoline, diesel oil and oil mixed water. Suitable also for lead-free gasoline. As fuel hose for boats the hose meets requirements of standards (SFS-EN-) ISO 7840:2004 A2 and (SFS-EN-) ISO 8469:2006.

Teknikum FUEL-TEKĀ® SD Dock

Suction and delivery hose for especially dock operations where flexibility and lightness are important. Suitable for transferring crude oil and liquid petroleum products according to hose assembly standard EN 1765 (oil suction and discharge services). The standard EN 1765 sets higher requirements to hose assemblies than many other standards, concerning e.g. electrical properties and hose construction. Superior textile reinforcements are one of the hoses strengths by which it has outperformed its competitors by life cycle and pressure characteristics.