Multi-TankTruck Blue

Multi-TankTruck Blue hoses are specially designed for conveying hydrocarbons and aromatics, for tanktruck applications. The hoses are light weighted and have a high flexibility, therefore the Multi-TankTruck hoses are easy to handle by operators and truck drivers. Multi-TankTruck Blue hoses are obtainable in two types, with galvanized steel inner wire and with aluminium inner wire to obtain a lower weight.

Multi-Chem Black

Multi-Chem Black hoses are designed for those chemicals which do not affect the polypropylene lining and the polypropylene coated steel inner wire.

Multi-Chem Red

Multi-Chem Red hoses are designed for those chemicals and acids which do not affect the lining and the stainless steel inner wire.

Multi-Vapor Yellow

Multi-Vapor Yellow is designed specifically for chemicals as well as for hydrocarbon vapor recovery service on ship, barges and in marine terminals. It can also be used to recover vapors in tank and railcar applications.