Electronic equipment

Our 2-5 wire overfill prevetion sensors are in accordance with EN 13922 standard and SIL 2 certified.

2 & 5 - Wire Overfill Sensors

Sockets for overfill prevation system are in accordance with API EN 13922 and VOC standards.


OPW Model 3205E ROM (Retain Overfill Monitoring) monitor secondary overfill prevention system incorporating retained product monitoring used in tank truck loading operations.

Retain Overfill Monitoring 3205E

OPW Sealed Parcel Delivery system and innovative, is a powerful monitoring and analyzing software provide you with an effective tool to ensure that you receive and record detailed and accurate information regarding any changes in the load status. The system will allow you to analyse any irregular events relating to the loading, transporation and unloading of the parcel. The system is in full accordance with EN15208. OPW Sealed Parcel System is available in two versions: Company use version and Commercial version which it creates a 6-digit unique ID number per compartment during sealed procedure.

OPW Sealed Parcel Delivery System (SCS-400)

The 1397E and 1398E tester is a new simple handheld tester for tank trucks equipped with 5-wire overfill sensors. The 1397E and 1398E tester give users, the possibility to do a quick diagnosis from the grounding and the overfill sensors.


The CIVACON’S 2-Wire Optic Bottom Sensors are designed for compartment empty detection of liquid petroleum products. Not only are they instantly permissive and specially designed for optimal communication with our Rack Monitors, but they are also compatible with all other brands of Rack Monitors.

2-Wire Optic Bottom Sensors