Overfill & Grounding Controllers

The OPW CIVACON 8870E Overfill Prevation and Ground Verification Controller is designed for API bottom loading applications on single and multi-compartment tank trucks at storage depots. 8870E Controller is EN13922/ATEX/IECEX/QPS/SIL1+2 compliant.

Model: 8870E

MT40 is a grounding system designed to prevent the accumulation of electrostatic charges which may generate while handling nonconductive liquids, powders and granulates, thus avoiding possible sparks from causing dangerous events in hazardous atmospheres. This is achieved by connecting the tank to earth during the entire loading/ unloading operation, and thanks to a constant monitoring of such a connection. If, for whichever reason, the connection is interrupted, the system generates an alarm so that the operation can be stopped.

Model: MT40