VisiLevel is a gauging system that uses patented and proven technology to identify the contents of your tanker by measuring the volume, temperature, density and colour. This unique system:

  • ✅ Prevents fuel theft

  • ✅Prevents fuel contamination

  • ✅Improves driver safety

  • ✅Provides a complete live audit trail of all product movements

  • ✅Is a content gauging system that is ATEX and IECEx-approved

  • ✅It has 24/7 GPRS communication for data display inside the office

P.D Meters for fuel tank trucks

2" SBM 75 & 3" SBM 150 ISOIL measuring groups are for tank-truck loading/unloading applications. Both groups are fitted with VEGA T electronic counter with totalizer preset and temperature compesation features are also available. VEGA T records transaction data (available with ST202 printer).

SBM 75-150